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For those obsessed with altering books, collage and Antiquarian Art, All things Paper and Pulp including textiles. RSS Feed what is XML?

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work home  topic
Creating a new book vs altering an old book  topic
Looking for hinges  topic
Books About Altered Books  topic
making an altered book as a gift  topic
inspiration  topic
Anyone here? Book closure techniques.  topic
Pages/Signatures  photo flag
The binding  photo flag
Journal  photo flag
Binding  topic
without a goddess  photo flag
blessed woman  photo flag
bodacious  photo flag
white light  photo flag
The symbol of ST. JOHN is the eagle, because fr...  topic
love romance  review
Hello All  topic
My new web site  topic
Bay Area  topic
"You Read the Book, the Book Reads You"  photo flag
"You Read the Book, the Book Reads You"  photo flag
"Beans-talk"  photo flag
altering book into an art journal  topic
The lure of read-made materials  topic

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